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Scully The World Show on PBS
Free Markets

A series of in-depth interviews featuring some of the most dynamic and influential Canadian and American free-market thinkers and activists.

The interviewer is TV personality Bob Scully, named the 2012 Person of the Year by American Public Television.

The World Show is a syndicated television program broadcast across North America, on 304 stations affiliated with American PBS. It is seen in 141 markets across 44 U.S. states, including in nine of the top ten Nielsen DMA markets.more



Season 1
1. The role of think thanks [podcast]
Michel Kelly-Gagnon
2. Sound money and capitalism [podcast]
Steve Forbes
3. Ayn Rand and her legacy [podcast]
John Allison
4. What's needed to achieve prosperity (1994 interview) [podcast]
Milton Friedman
5. International battles for liberty [podcast]
Tom Palmer
6. Liberty and the law [podcast]
Richard A. Epstein
7. Dos and don'ts advices to the US President [podcast]
Richard A. Epstein
8. The Freedom Index [podcast]
Michael Walker
9. Adam Smith and the birth of economics [podcast]
Larry W. Reed
10. Religion and liberty [podcast]
Rev. Robert A. Sirico
11. The force of finance [podcast]
Reuven Brenner
12. The Austrian School of Economics [podcast]
Steven Horwitz
13. Free-market solutions to poverty [podcast]
Michael Fairbanks
14. Healthcare and liberty [podcast]
Dr. David Gratzer

Season 2
1. Freedom and the poverty industry [podcast]
Kris Mauren
2. Resisting regulatory overreach [podcast]
Charles Murray
3. The Constitution and competitive legal services [podcast]
Randy Barnett
4. The failings of authoritarianism in Cuba and Venezuela [podcast]
Luis Henrique Ball

Season 3
1. Radical reforms in New Zealand [podcast]
Ruth Richardson
2. From consumer reporter to market enthusiast [podcast]
John Stossel
3. Helping think tanks change the world [podcast]
Brad Lips
4. Crises, interventionism, and free banking [podcast]
Lawrence White  

Season 4
1. The grassroots liberty movement [podcast]
Matt Kibbe
2. Freedom on the rise [podcast]
Nick Gillespie
3. The importance of defending free trade [podcast]
Daniel Ikenson
4. Universidad Francisco Marroquín: An entrepreneurial university [podcast]
Gabriel Calzada
5. Helping to shape public policy [podcast]
Edwin J. Feulner
6. Brexit and the global trading system [podcast]
Daniel Hannan

Season 5
1. Low-cost private schools [podcast]
James Tooley
2. Fighting for freedom in Egypt [podcast]
Mahmoud Farouk
3. Standing on principle at the state level [podcast]
Joseph G. Lehman
4. The magic of entrepreneurship [podcast]
Magatte Wade
5. Prosperity and polarization in America [podcast]
Stephen Moore
6. Security, efficiency, and liberty [podcast]
David Inserra